Prayer #2 – Prayer of Appreciation for God’s Love

Focus idea:  Personal prayer is a simple way of communicating with our welcoming and loving God. Fr. Doug expresses this idea so clearly, “Prayers pass from our hearts directly into His Most Sacred Heart.” It is comforting to have God in our hearts and even more comforting to know that we are in His heart!

Prayer of Appreciation for God’s Love:

O God, You see me and understand me. You know what is in me, all my thoughts and feelings, my likes and dislikes, my strengths and my
O God, You see me in my day of joy and in my day of sorrow. You sympathize with my hopes and my temptations. You are interested in
my anxieties, all the ups and downs of my life.
O God, You encompass me and carry me. You see me whether I am smiling or in tears. You look tenderly upon me, and feel the beating
of my heart.
O God, no one could ever love and understand me as much as You can. Your love for me is today, tomorrow and forever!

Closing thoughts: Continue to tell Jesus what is in your heart. He will always understand! Thank Him for your gifts and most of all, thank Him for loving you with His most sacred heart!