Prayer Anthology

St. Pio Parish’s Prayer Anthology  

What is an anthology?  It is simply a collection.  Our first parish prayer anthology will include many types of prayers. We will begin our collection with prayers that you can use to develop a relationship with God that is more personal and intimate.

Each prayer starts with a Focus Idea to give you an area to concentrate on.  After the prayer will be a few closing thoughts to keep you on track.  We hope you will enjoy our first anthology and grow in your prayer life.

Prayer #1 – Prayer to Jesus  

Focus idea: Begin by thinking of God in the person of Jesus, a human being with feelings, and a heart filled with love for each of us. You want to let Jesus get to know you better, so get ready to tell Him your worries and concerns. (Haha – He already knows them, but don’t pass up the chance for the emotional intimacy that you will experience!) Enjoy your heart to heart conversation, knowing that Jesus will understand your human anxieties. He will respond by sending you His love, peace, comfort and strength.

Prayer to Jesus:
My Jesus, my Light, my Love, my Strength, be with me now and always, in all my doubts, anxieties and trials.
Come Jesus, in hours of loneliness, weariness and grief.
Come Jesus, in failure, in loss and in disappointment.
Come Jesus, when others fail me, and when I fail myself.
Come Jesus, when I am ill, unable to work, or am depressed.
Come Jesus, in my moments of joy and exhilaration, that I may share my joys and triumphs with You, and give You thanks.
Come Jesus, now and forever, and in all things. Amen.

Closing thoughts: Tell Jesus what is in your heart. Thank Him for your gifts and most of all, thank Him for loving you with His most sacred heart!

Prayer #2 – Prayer of Appreciation for God’s Love  



Prayer #11 Prayer for a Close Relationship with God


Prayer #15 – Prayer for the strengthening of our parish

Focus idea: Covid-19 has weakened our parish community. It has kept us from the intimacy of in-person worship, and from the personal warmth we derive from one another during parish functions. It has put us at a significant monetary loss, which will force us to make some hard choices in the foreseeable future. It forces us to work harder to get back the solidarity that we all felt, and to rebuild our finances. In Fr. Joe’s words, “We are called to show our Christian holiness by being the hands and feet of the Lord. Our challenge is before us.” This is our parish, and it is up to all of us to help in every way that we can, for God and for each other.

Prayer for the strengthening of our parish:

Dear Lord, I pray for my spiritual rejuvenation and for the rejuvenation of our parish community! Bring me strength and vitality. Satisfy my yearning for an intimate and personal relationship with You, by giving me the courage to give back to our parish and our parish family. Fill me with a burning desire to fully partake in parish life. Help me to find ways to show my gratitude for all You have given me by my service to your children. Help me to be a part of the bigger picture, and a role model for others in my community. Help me to show my faith by the way that I live my life. Help me to enthusiastically encourage my family and friends to live in Your light and Your love. Please strengthen our parish so that we may provide comfort to those in need, and share the joy that we have found in You and in one another. Amen.

Closing thoughts: Tell Jesus what is in your heart. Thank Him for your gifts and most of all, thank Him for loving you with His Most Sacred Heart!