Prayer #3 – Prayer of Trust in God’s Love

Focus idea:  Many times our prayers to God are prayers of petition. We are asking for God’s help in dealing with a personal issue that deeply troubles us. So many of these situations are not put upon us by God, or the result of our own poor choices, but simply the random and unavoidable consequences of living in an imperfect world. When something upsets us, we tend to approach prayer by asking God to make a very specific outcome happen, that is, to totally solve our problem, and relieve us of our anxiety. As Deacon John explains it, “While it is not wrong to make our desires known to God, it is a good idea to trust in God’s love for us. That means being open to His will.” Know, believe and trust that God will be our strength, and will love, support and guide us through the troubling moments in our lives!

Prayer of Trust in God’s Love:
Most high, glorious God, cast Your light into the darkness of my heart.
Please Lord, give me the right faith, a firm hope, and profound humility.
Help me to find wisdom and perception, so that I may carry out what is truly Your holy will.
Help me to always find comfort and peace through a loving relationship with You,
a God whose love for each one of us is warm, compassionate and steadfast!

Closing thoughts: Continue to tell Jesus what is in your heart. He will always understand! Thank Him for your gifts and most of all, thank Him for loving you with His most sacred heart!